Larry Andersen

Edit • Direct • Shoot

Larry Andersen is a freelance video editor, shooter, and occasional writer and director in the Boston area. His wealth of experience and broad talents make him a great guy to have on your side. 

LA Portrait.jpg

Larry Andersen has been editing in the Boston area for more years than one would admit to. Best known as owner/editor at Spot on Newbury Street for 15 happy years, Larry is mostly known as a commercial editor. However, he's now a gun for hire and enjoys working on all kinds of projects. Larry loves cutting narrative content, but is also a techy nerd, and is more than proficient in visual effects, graphics, color correction, writing, and even sound design and mixing in a pinch.

Larry also writes and directs. He especially enjoys getting great performances and sometimes tears from his actors. He's a good guy to have around. If he were any more well rounded, he'd be sphere. 

 Photos by Larry, mostly from his sailboat. which he loves. Spot pics come from lots of sources. Squarespace has been a mixed blessing in the making of this site.