Larry Andersen

Edit • Direct • Shoot

Larry Andersen is a freelance video editor, shooter, and occasional writer and director in the Boston area. His wealth of experience and broad talents make him a great guy to have on your side. 

Shoot and Edit

I've been doing more shooting lately. Shooting while directing, working with talent,  and having control/responsibility for the final look and feel is exhilarating. As an editor, I know when I have what I need, which is efficient, and cost effective. 

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I shot and edited this spot for Partners+Simons that was supposed to sell their clients on a new campaign. It was well loved a. The campaign is on the way. 

This labor of love needed to capture the excitement and intelligence of a group of 5th graders at Alton Jones Science Camp in Rhode Island. I was a one man band with a DSLR, a shotgun mic and a mission. The kids were fantastic, the setting beautiful, and the camp director was willing to record his song he wrote about the camp.

Disclaimer: this is a great length for the 5th graders, but long for a demo. I'll cut it down someday. 

The IFF Boston theme this year was the film festival as nightlife, so I shot this all at night around Boston on a Canon C300, showing nightlife with real people, without their knowledge, and without their being being recognizable. It was very tricky. Disclaimer: several of the shots in here were by the fabulous Courtney Perkins.

 Photos by Larry, mostly from his sailboat. which he loves. Spot pics come from lots of sources. Squarespace has been a mixed blessing in the making of this site.